Angličtina 1.C a 2.C


Vocabulary: Ham, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, chicken; apple, banana, orange, pear, (cherry, strawberry, blueberry; water, milk, bread)

I like … / I don‘ t like

Do you like … Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

I’m hungry.

  1. Song (nápěv Bratře Kubo):I like chicken, I like chicken

Chicken and rice, chicken and rice,

Broccoli and peas, broccoli and peas,

Chocolate, too, chocolate, too.

  1. Song: Let’s make a pizza, you and me,

           I like pizza, it’s yummy.


Head, tooth, back, neck, tummy, ear. (Knee, shoulder, hip, leg, arm).

  • What’s the matter?  —   I’ve got a headache/toothache…
  • Help me, please. Come here.

The turtle goes near and the crocodile goes Snap!

I’m a baby, small child, big child, teenager, (adult). My longest finger is 15 cm long.

Song: Three ladybugs sitting on a pineapple, one flew away  – good bye

           Two ladybugs sitting ….

          … No ladybugs sitting one a pineapple, one came back – hello again…