Aj pro 1.C a 2.C


Vocabulary: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers, toes

Numbers 6-10

Phrases: Touch your … toes. The first one to touch your toes. Me!

Do you want the chocolate cake? Yes, please. / No, thank you.

How many … fingers, toes, eyes? I´ve got two ears.

Show me 5 fingers, let me see,

Show me 4 fingers, touch your knee.

Show me 3 fingers, touch your nose,

Show me 2 fingers, touch your toes.

Show me 1 finger, let me see,

With this finger point to ME.


Vocabulary: sheep, cow, horse, hen, duck, cat / boat, river, moon, star, the Earth

Numbers 11-20.

Phrases: Where are you going? I´m going to … get a boat/get chocolate/swimming…

Can I come with you? Yes, of course, (horse).

The moon is in the river. Let´s help the moon.