Zprávička z angličtiny od Lenky

Aj pro 1. C

Vocabulary: a bike, ball, car, robot, doll, scooter

Can I have a ball…, please? Here you are. Thank you.

Magic Elf Story: Danny boy: I want a new robot.

Magic Elf:     I can help.

DB: Can I have a robot, please?

ME: Yes, no problem.

ME: (Kouzlo/spell:)  Jump. Turn around. One, two, three.. surprise surprise, Tripilee!

DB: Oh, it’s a ball (car, bike), not a robot. Can I have a robot, please?

Aj pro 2.C

Vocabulary: play football, cards, a board game, a computer game

Listen to music, watch TV; sing and dance

I want to play cards … Great idea! Me too./No, not now.

Tanya and her two friends Story: dalsi fraze jsou jiz zapsane primo v pribehu v ucebnici