Zprávička z angličtiny od Lenky

Aj pro 1.C

From Little Bugs 1 Unit 1:

Slova: Colin the caterpillar, Bee, Snail, Butterfly, Ladybird

Fráze: Are you ready? I can see you, Butterfly… Where is Snail? I don´t know. Here!

Numbers 1-5

Butterfly life: a little egg, small caterpillar, big caterpillar, sleeping pupa, butterfly

K obrázkům v sešitě:


Red and orange, yellow and green

purple and blue,

I can see a rainbow, too.

Red and orange, yellow and green,

purple and blue, I can see

a rainbow above the tree.


5 little crayons lying in a pencil case

The pink one drew a heart and a pink smiling face,

the brown one drew a tree and a brown smiling face,

the green one drew the leaves and a green smiling face,

the yellow one drew the sun and …

the grey one drew a cloud and…


Aj 2.C

From Little Bugs 2 Unit 1:

pencil case, scissors, pencil, rubber, glue, pencil sharpener, crayons

I´ve got a … Can I borrow your …, please? Yes, of course, here you are. Thank you.


Butterfly, butterfly, flutter around

butterfly, butterfly, touch the ground.

B, B, fly so free, B, B, land on me.

B, B, reach the sky, B, B, say good-bye!